Type of Article:  Case Report

Volume 10; Issue 4 (August 2022)

Page No.: 4326-4330

DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.16965/ijpr.2022.139

Significance of Physiotherapy Management in Polyneuropathy in Pediatric Patient with CKD: A Case Report

Pooja Shah *1 , Bharat Tiwari 2, Kinnari Vala 3, Anshuman Saha 4, Harda Shah 5.

*1 MPT Student (Cardiopulmonary Sciences), College of Physiotherapy Institute of Kidney diseases and research centre – Institute of Transplantation Sciences [IKDRC-ITS], Gujarat university of transplantation sciences [GUTS], Ahmedaba, Gujarat India.
2 BPT, MPT, PhD Scholar, Institute- Head of the department at College of Physiotherapy IKDRC-ITS, Ahmedabad, Gujarat India.
3 MD Pediatrics,  Fellowship in Pediatrics Nephrology, Associate Professor at  IKDRC-ITS, GUTS, Ahmedabad, Gujarat India.
4 MD Pediatrics, Fellowship in Pediatrics Nephrology, Associate Professor IKDRC-ITS, GUTS, Ahmedabad, Gujarat India.
5 BPT, MPT, PhD Scholar, Institute- Senior lecturer at College of Physiotherapy IKDRC-ITS, GUTS, Ahmedabad 380016, Gujarat India.

Pooja Shah: 0000-0003-4191-9390

Bharat Tiwari: 0000-0001-7405-9548

Anshuman Saha: 0000-0002-7717-8056

Harda Shah: 0000-0003-0994-2590

Kinnari vala: 0000-0003-3426-5675

Corresponding Author: Dr. Pooja Shah, Institute of kidney Diseases and Research Center, Institute of Transplant Sciences, IKDRC-ITS College of Physiotherapy, Civil Hospital Campus, Ahmedabad 380016, Gujarat India. E-Mail: poojashah.7598@gmail.com


A 10year old female with polyneuropathy associated with chronic kidney disease presented with knee joint pain, bilateral ankle joint stiffness, numbness in distal extremities and had difficulty in walking without assistance. She was on maintenance hemodialysis twice a week. Her comorbidity included hypertension. She was almost bed bound and dependent with respect to all activities of daily living. Examinations revealed generalized muscle weakness, poor balance and diffused DTRs. The NCV study showed motor sensory axonal neuropathy. Polyneuropathies could be a consequence of systemic illness. In case like such coordination of clinical care becomes the crucial component in management. Multifactorial exercise rehabilitation improved muscle strength, functional ability and fatigue along with pain relief. Exercise is a supportive therapy for neuropathic patients associated with CKD that ought to be viewed more in a serious way.

Key words: Polyneuropathy, Chronic kidney disease, Physical exercise.


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Cite this article: Pooja Shah, Bharat Tiwari, Kinnari Vala, Anshuman Saha, Harda Shah.  Significance of Physiotherapy Management in Polyneuropathy in Pediatric Patient with CKD: A Case Report. Int J Physiother Res 2022;10(4):4326-4330. DOI: 10.16965/ijpr.2022.139