Type of Article:  Review Article

Volume 9; Issue 4 (July 2021)

Page No.: 3870-3875

DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.16965/ijpr.2021.133

Movement Pattern Analysis of Layup, Jump Shot and Free Throw in Basketball

Apurva Mathankar *1, Akanksha Saini 2.

*1 Director and Head of Education Department of “Strength and Conditioning Academy, India.

2 Coach at “Strength and Conditioning Academy, India.

Corresponding author: Dr. Apurva Prasad Mathankar, Director and Head of Education Department of Strength and Conditioning Academy, India. 1304, Runwal Chestnut, Link road near Fortis hospital, Mulund west, 400 078 Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. E-Mail: dr.apurvamathankar@gmail.com


Basketball sport originated as a non-contact sport but recently it has evolved into physically more challenging in which contact is accepted and expected. This transition of the sports has increased the injury rates substantially. Basketball includes multiple movements such as jumps, turns and change of direction, running and deceleration in its various movements of jump shot, free throw and layup shot. The complexities of these movements imposes various demands on basketball players, which makes it more important to know the health oriented aspects of the movement. This review explains the movement pattern analysis of these basketball specific movements in detail which can help the physiotherapist to plan the injury prevention strategies for their athletes.

Key words: Basketball, Basketball Movements, Jump Shot, Layup Shot, Basketball Free Throw.


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