Type of Article:  Original Research

Volume 5; Issue 4 (July 2017)

Page No.: 2187-2193

DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.16965/ijpr.2017.169


Amr M. Ibrahim *1, Wafaa H. Borhan 2, Sameh A Abdelrahman 3, Haidy N Asham 4.

*1 MSc physical therapy student, Cairo University, Egypt.

2 Professor of Physical Therapy for Surgery, Faculty of physical therapy, Cairo University, Egypt.

3 Assistant professor of plastic surgery department, faculty of medicine, Ain shams university, cairo, Egypt.

4 Assistant professor of physical therapy, Department of physical therapy for surgery, faculty of physical therapy, Cairo university, Cairo, Egypt.

Address for Correspondence: Amr M ibrahim, Department of physical therapy for surgery, Faculty of physical therapy, Cairo university, Cairo, Egypt. E-Mail: amr.esam1986@yahoo.com


Background: Cellulite is a consequence of alterations that develop in the lymphatic system and lead to an accumulation of substances in subcutaneous tissue, in particular in the cellular interstice. These alterations may be influenced by hormones or by any other mechanism that predisposes the individual to an accumulation of fluids and other substances in the cellular interstice.

Purpose: To determine the therapeutic efficiency of Gallium Arsenide Low Level Laser Therapy on cellulite after liposuction.

Materials and Methods: Thirty Female patients had cellulite in their thigh after liposuctions were assigned into two equal groups: Group A consisted of 15 females with received Gallium Arsenide Low Level Laser Therapy (wavelength 904 nm, 30 minutes session, 2 times per week for 6 weeks). Group B consisted of 15 females who have liposuction only. Cellulite grading scale and skin fat caliper was measured for each patient before and after treatment.

Results: T-test revealed that there was a significant difference (p= 0.0000) between experimental and control group in skin fold (mm) post treatment. T-test revealed that there was significant difference (p= 0.0000) between experimental and control group in cellulite grading scale post treatment.

Conclusion: Gallium Arsenide Low Level Laser Therapy is efficient for cellulite reduction after liposuction.

Key word: Cellulite, Liposuction, Low Level Laser, Gallium Arsenide, Skin Fold Caliper, Cellulite Grading Scale.


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Cite this article: Amr M. Ibrahim, Wafaa H. Borhan, Sameh A Abdelrahman, Haidy N Asham. GALLIUM ARSENIDE LOW LEVEL LASER THERAPY AS AN ADJUNCTIVE MODALITY IN TREATMENT OF CELLULITE AFTER LIPOSUCTION. Int J Physiother Res 2017;5(4):2187-2193. DOI: 10.16965/ijpr.2017.169