शिक्षक कभी साधारण नहीं होता, प्रलय और निर्माण दोनों उसकी गोदी में खेलते हैं।

                                                                                                           – आचार्य चाणक्य


18.02.2024 marks the day, we lost one of our most precious teacher and a mentor par excellence i.e. our favourite and revered Dr. Sushil Kumar Singh, sir. He is survived by his beloved, diligent wife Dr. Anita Singh (Obstetrician and Gynaecologist), and son Dr. Shantanu Singh (A medical graduate & an aspiring healthcare professional).

As we all bid sir, the final goodbye, Medical Education World will always remember him as a dedicated and sincere Physiology Professor and an epitome of true mentorship skills. He will always be remembered as a professor whose only goal in life was the welfare of medical students and their happiness. A few words about his academic affiliations: Dr. S.K. Singh was a graduate of the highly prestigious and renowned King George’s Medical College, Lucknow, U.P., India. He served as Professor & Head of the department at Pramukhswami Medical College, Karamsad (Department of Physiology), followed by Professorship at Dr. N.D. Desai Faculty of Medical Science & Research Centre, Nadiad for a short while, and then finally in his last years he was working as a visiting professor in Physiology at Wagodia, Smt. B. K. Shah Medical Institute & Research Centre, Vadodara.  In addition, there is the “Dr. S.K. Singh Award” conferred to the Physiology toppers of KGMC, and in the year 2009, he was recognised as the best teacher in Physiology (Prof. K.P. Puthuraya award) by the APPI organization. Besides this, he was the first professor to start the All India Physiology quiz in Medical Colleges.

 Recipient of innumerable accolades, he was a man of few words, but a teacher full of “COMPASSION & HUMANITY”! Dr. S.K. Singh sir was a thorough gentleman and an epitome of wisdom and nobility, for every student. Apart from teaching Physiology esp. CNS, he had a hobby of reading and collecting the world’s best self-help books, be it Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outlier”, Robert Greene’s book “Mastery”, Louise Lynn Hay’s books “You can heal your life” etc.  you name a personal care book; he possessed it all.  In addition, the humblest part was if he found any student distressed or troubled due to academic or any life pressures, he would listen to them with an empathetic mind and offer help in divine ways or gift his books. Besides this on every student’s birthday, he always took out time to write blessing notes for students with his pearl-like handwriting and positive wishes. At the department level, he was phenomenal in actively participating and encouraging junior faculties (in his department and other departments as well) helping them attain PhD’s and master’s degrees. Besides this he was one of the pioneers in developing medical education units, publishing high-quality papers & medical magazines (Syncytium), starting to evolve meetings and remedial cells in medical college, holding national & local level conferences, etc. And when it came to under-privileged students, he would be extremely generous and philanthropic.  As a teacher and a dedicated mentor, he saw to it that whoever came into his contact benefitted from his aura, his beautiful constructs, and his deep silent caring nature. He never wanted anything in return, it was just him, his pure love for teaching and honor for mankind. His gentle smile, encouraging words, and warmth will always be remembered by the students. He was indeed a teacher cum mentor beyond eternity.

Sir, your invaluable teachings & love shall resonate in the hearts of every student. You are and you will always remain   ‘THE BRIGHTEST STAR IN THE GALAXY OF MENTOR-MENTEE WORLD”. Rest in peace sir, you will be dearly missed by all your students, Physiology colleagues as well as the entire healthcare fraternity in the world.

                                               Adieu Respected & Honourable “Dr. S.K.Singh” sir.

                                                                                                                   Dr. Anuradha Joshi,
Professor, Department of Pharmacology,
Parul Institute of Medical Sciences & Research,
Parul University, Vadodara, Gujarat, India.