Type of Article:  Original Research

Volume 9; Issue 2.3 (June 2021)

Page No.: 8012-8019

DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.16965/ijar.2021.130

Anatomical variations of bronchial distribution in the upper lobe of the right lung

THIAM Sokhna Astou 1, MAR Ndeye Bigué 2, YACOUBA GARBA Karim 1, SECK Issa Dior 1, WADE Racky 1, TIREIR A Harouna Daouda 1, NDIAYE Abdoulaye 1, NDIAYE Assane 3, 4.

1  Laboratoire d’Anatomie et Organogénèse. Faculté de Médecine  UCAD-Sénégal.

*2 Laboratoire d’Anatomie UFR des sciences de la santé Université Iba Der Thiam de Thiès.

3 Laboratoire d’Anatomie. UFR des sciences de la santé. Université Assane Seck de Ziguinchor-Sénégal.

4 Clinique de Chirurgie Thoracique et Cardiovasculaire. Hôpital de FANN. Dakar-Sénégal.

Corresponding Author: Ndeye Bigué MAR. Laboratoire d’Anatomie UFR des sciences de la santé Université Iba Der Thiam de Thiès  E-Mail: biguemarmbaye@yahoo.fr


Bronchial distribution in the upper lobe of the right lung is subject to many anatomical variations. The control of these variations is essential for the interpretation of endoscopic examinations. It also offers a better guarantee for safe surgery during segmentations in the right upper lobe. In this preliminary work, the operation of 30 heart-lung blocks treated by the injection-corrosion method, 100 CT chest and dissections of 3 resected specimen of right upper lobectomy, allowed us to study the bronchial distribution in the upper lobe of the right lung as well as their anatomical variations in melanoderm subjects. Our results were as follows: out of the 133 specimens, the right upper lobar bronchus was born on average 1.8 cm from the tracheal bifurcation, with an average length of 1.75 cm. There were 6 termination modes, dominated by bifurcations, which involved 52% of the specimens, and in 5 modes. Trifurcation accounted for 47.37% of cases. There was a case of quadrifurcation. These results allowed us to discuss anatomical variations of the bronchial shaft of the upper lobe of the right lung. Taking into account these variations will allow to avoid pitfalls and accidents during endoscopic examinations, medical imaging and pulmonary exeresis.

Key words: Bronchi-Right Upper Lobe-Anatomy-Variations- Endoscopy-Imaging-Surgery.


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