Type of Article:  Original Research

Volume 8; Issue 1.1 (January 2020)

Page No.: 7217-7220

DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.16965/ijar.2019.342


Sanjeev Kumar Sinha 1, Sanjay Kumar *1, Margaret Roshni Dhan 1, Vinod kumar 2.

*1 Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, Narayan Medical College, Sasaram, Bihar, India.

2 Professor, Department of Anatomy, Narayan Medical College, Sasaram, Bihar, India.

Address for Corresponding: Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, Narayan Medical College, Sasaram, Bihar, India.  E-Mail: drsanjayatdmch@gmail.com


Background: The humerus has upper end, lower end and a cylindrical shaft. In absence of cranium, pelvis and long bones of lower limbs, estimation of living stature can be assessed by long bones such as humerus, radius and ulna. We can also find out the total length of humerus by its fragments. Morphometry of distal end of humerus is also important for determination of sex.

Materials and methods: The present study was conducted on 60 dry humerus of unknown age and sex collected from department of anatomy of Narayan Medical College and also from other medical colleges of Bihar. 6 different parameters were taken from this study.

Result: Total 60 humerus were included in this study, out of which 30 were right and 30 were left. Mean maximum length of humerus were 307.58±8.46 mm. Mean transverse and vertical diameter of head of humerus were 39.06±1.26 mm and 41.43±1.02 mm respectively. Mean distance between proximal & distal edge of olecranon fossa were 18.39±0.93 mm. Mean distance between distal edge of olecranon fossa & trochlea 15.00±0.82 mm. Mean distance between proximal edge of olecranon fossa & distal edge of trochlea were 33.39±1.32 mm. Conclusion: The knowledge of Morphometric segments of Humerus is important to establish the length of humerus, stature, age and sex of individual and it is important for anatomists, forensic experts, archeologists. It is also helpful for orthopaedic surgeons in proximal and distal fracture of humerus and its reconstructive surgery for various implants.

KEY WORDS: Humerus segment, Morphometry, Anthropometry.


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Cite this article: Sanjeev Kumar Sinha, Sanjay Kumar, Margaret Roshni Dhan, Vinod kumar. MORPHOMETRIC STUDY OF SEGMENTS OF HUMERUS IN POPULATION OF BIHAR. Int J Anat Res 2020;8(1.1):7217-7220. DOI: 10.16965/ijar.2019.342