Type of Article:  Original Research

Volume 7; Issue 4.3 (December 2019)

Page No.: 7187-7192

DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.16965/ijar.2019.338


P. Murali 1, J. Radhika *2.

*1 Research scholar, Department of Anatomy, SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Kattankulathur,Tamilnadu,India.

2 Professor, SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Kattankulathur, Tamilnadu, India.

Address for Correspondence: Dr. J. Radhika, Professor, SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Kattankulathur, Tamilnadu, India. E-Mail: pmurali.pt@gmail.com


Introduction: The presence of the thymus gland during early life is essential for the normal development of immune system and as well as proper maturation of the hypothalamic – pituitary- gonadal axis.  This study was to investigate the influence of thymus gland on male reproductive function.

Aim: The aim of this study to investigate the effect of thymectomy on Morphometric changes of gonads in neonatal, prepubertal and pubertal thymectamized male guinea pigs.  

Material and Methods: In this study, a total of thirty male guinea pigs, thymectamized (n-6) and sham-operated (n-4) were studied in each group. The comparison of diameter of seminiferous tubules, luminal diameter and epithelial thickness in the thymectamized and sham operated male guinea pigs.

Results: No Significant changes in the morphometry of seminiferous tubules of testis in thymectamized male guinea pigs compared to the sham-operated guinea pigs in all age groups. These results suggest that thymectomy had no detrimental effects on reproductive system in males at any intervals.

Key words: Thymectomy, Seminiferous diameter, Luminal diameter and Epithelial thickness.


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