Type of Article:  Original Research

Volume 7; Issue 4.2 (November 2019)

Page No.: 7070-7079

DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.16965/ijar.2019.307


Rashmi Jaiswal.

Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, Chirayu Medical College and Hospital, Bhopal (MP), 462030, India.

Corresponding Author:  Dr. Rashmi Jaiswal, 185, Rachna Nagar,Bhopal (MP), 462023, India. Mob no -09425029067 E-Mail: rashmijwal@yahoo.com


Background: To examine human bones is a challenge for experts, especially in deceased and also for determination of sex for medico-legal purpose. Measurement of the sternum is done by many authors for determination of sex. Sternum was measured for length of manubrium, length of mesosternum and combined length of manubrium and mesosternum. The data was statistically analysed.

Method: The present study was done on 65 human sternums(46 Males and 19 Females). Sternum was extracted from cadavers in the Department of Anatomy, People’s College of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Bhopal and Sternum from Autopsy bodies in the Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, People’s College of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Bhopal. (MP),India.

Results: If the combined length of a sternum is less than 150 mm then it is of female sternum, if it exceeds 150 mm, it is of male sternum. The mean Sternal Index in male was 43.43 and in females 41.132.  89.13% of male and 21.05% of female specimen obey the Hyrtl’s law.

Conclusion: The combined length of manubrium and mesosternum is considered as the most important parameter, which when applied to an individual specimen can help in sexing the sterna correctly in our study.

Key words: Manubrium sterni, Mesosternum or Body of sternum, Sternal angle, Sternal Index.


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