Type of Article:  Original Research

Volume 6; Issue 4.2 (November 2018)

Page No.: 5878-5882

DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.16965/ijar.2018.366


Rohini K R *1, Dakshayani K R 2.

*1 Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, BGS Global institute of medical sciences, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

2 Professor and Head, Department of Anatomy, Mysore medical college and research institute, Mysore, Karnataka, India.

Address for Correspondence: Dr Rohini K R, MBBS, MD( Anatomy), Assistant Professor Anatomy, BGS Global institute of medical sciences, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. E-Mail: rohinikr11@gmail.com


Background and objective: The dimensions of intervertebral foramen can be altered by various factors. The objective of the present study was to measure the dimensions of L1-S1 intervertebral foramen and compare them on both sides and in both sexes.

Methodology: The present study was conducted on 10 human cadavers (100 intervertebral foramina), collected from the department of Anatomy, Mysore medical college and research institute, Mysore. Descriptive statistics, ANOVA (Analysis of Variance) and Independent t- test were used appropriately.

Results: It was observed that the foramen height was more than foramen length (antero-posterior length) at all levels. The foraminal height and length at the lower lumbar levels were significantly smaller than those at the upper levels. The difference observed in the morphometry of foramen on right and left side; and with respect to gender was statistically not significant.

Conclusions: The present study describes the normal parameters of intervertebral foramen.

KEY WORDS: Intervertebral foramen; lumbar spine.


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Cite this article: Rohini K R, Dakshayani K R. THE MORPHOMETRIC STUDY OF INTERVERTEBRAL FORAMEN OF LUMBOSACRAL (L1-S1) REGION IN HUMAN CADAVERS. Int J Anat Res 2018;6(4.2):5878-5882. DOI: 10.16965/ijar.2018.366