Type of Article:  Original Research

Volume 6; Issue 2.3 (June 2018)

Page No.: 5371-5378

DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.16965/ijar.2018.210


Shoma Alban 1, J. Sujitha Jacinth *2, Y. Jaipaul 3, V. Muniappan 4.

1 Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, Kanyakumari Government Medical College, Asaripallam, India.

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, RMMCH, Annamalai University, Chidambaram, India.

3 Assistant Professor, Department of Gastroenterology, Government Medical College, Thoothukudi, India.

4 Professor and Head, Department of Anatomy, RMMCH, Annamalai University, Chidambaram, India.

Address for Correspondence: Dr. J.Sujitha Jacinth, Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, Rajah Muthiah Medical College,Annamalai University,Chidambaram-608002, India. E-Mail: sujitha_jaf@rediffmail.com


Background: In the medical field, the trend of the surgical branches has moved towards minimal invasive surgeries for reasons of decreased morbidity and mortality. To achieve this is thorough knowledge of the anatomy, with the variations of the concerned structure is required. Hence for a structure like superior mesenteric artery, the anatomic  variations of its origin and branching pattern is important for accurate interpretation in diagnostic imaging, as well as in deciding the optimum  elective  procedure in surgical  radiological, and interventional management.

Materials and methods: The study was carried out in 50 well embalmed cadavers of South Indian origin irrespective of age and sex. Variations in the branches of superior mesenteric artery were noted.

Results: Inferior pancreaticoduodenal artery arose from the first jejunal artery. Middle colic and right colic arteries arose as common trunk. The right colic artery was absent. Ileocolic artery arose as common trunk with right colic artery.

Conclusion: A thorough knowledge of the anatomy of colonic mesenteric arteries is necessary to accomplish successful uncomplicated abdominal operations, especially laparoscopic colonic resection for  cancer using  proximal  vascular  ligation  and  wide-en-block resection in which the mesenteric vessels cannot  be palpated.

KEY WORDS: Superior Mesenteric Artery, Common Trunk, Midgut, Colon Resection.


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Cite this article: Shoma Alban, J. Sujitha Jacinth, Y. Jaipaul, V. Muniappan. ANATOMICAL VARIATIONS IN THE BRANCHING PATTERN OF SUPERIOR MESENTERIC ARTERY IN ADULT HUMAN CADAVERS. Int J Anat Res 2018;6(2.3):5371-5378. DOI: 10.16965/ijar.2018.210