Type of Article:  Original Research

Volume 5; Issue 4.3 (December 2017)

Page No.: 4702-4706

DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.16965/ijar.2017.450


Bindurani M. K 1, Kavyashree A. N 2, Asha.K. R 3,  Lakshmiprabha Subhash 4.

1,*2 Associate professor, Department of Anatomy, Sri Siddhartha medical college, Tumkur, Karnataka, India.

3 Professor, Department of Anatomy, Sri Siddhartha medical college, Tumkur, Karnataka, India.

4 Professor and Head, Department of Anatomy, Sri Siddhartha medical college, Tumkur, Karnataka, India.

Corresponding author:  Dr. Kavyashree A. N, Associate professor, Department of Anatomy, Sri Siddhartha medical college, Tumkur.

Pin code. 572107, Karnataka, India. E-Mail:  kavyashreean@gmail.com


Introduction: Forensic podiatry deals with study of  foot dimensions for human identification. The human foot shows  variations in  different dimensions due to genetic and environmental factors.

Aims and Objectives: The aim of our study was to determine the correlation of various measurements of the feet with sex and to evaluate logistic regression equations to predict sex of a person by using dimensions of feet.

Materials and Methods: The study was conducted on 341  students, aged between 18-22 years from Sri Siddhartha university, Tumkur, Karnataka. After taking their consent Foot length, foot breadth and Bi malleolar breadth were recorded and subjected for statistical analysis.

Results: The mean values of  Foot length, Foot breadth , and Bimalleolar breadth were significantly higher in males than females.  The average foot index in males and females were 44.91 and 42.63 respectively. Logistic regression equations to determine sex of a person by using different parameters of foot dimensions were formulated. Foot length showed least correlation with sex at R2 0.038 whereas Foot breadth showed highest correlation with sex at R2 0.4 . Prediction of sex with  multiple logistic  regression equations showed better accuracy than than regression equations of individual parameters.

Conclusion:  Foot length, Foot breadth, Bimalleolar breadth and foot index are higher in males compared to females . This proves sexual dimorphism of foot dimensions.  Foot length showed least correlation and foot breadth highest correlation  with sex.  Prediction of sex with  multiple logistic  regression equations was better than with regression equations of individual parameters.

Key words: Sex determination, Foot dimensions, Foot length, Foot breadth,  Bimalleolar  breadth, Foot index.


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Cite this article: Ezzat A. El-Sawwa, Mahmoud M. Mahfouz. DETERMINATION OF SEX FROM FOOT DIMENSIONS. Int J Anat Res 2017;5(4.3):4702-4706. DOI: 10.16965/ijar.2017.450