Type of Article:  Original Research

Volume 5; Issue 4.1 (October 2017)

Page No.: 4478-4481

DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.16965/ijar.2017.378


Girish Shiv Shankar 1, Veena Vidya Shankar *2, Radhika K 3, Shailaja Shetty 4.

1 MBBS, 3rd year student, Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

*2 MBBS, MD, Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy, Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

3 Lecturer cum Statistician, Deparment of Community Medicine, Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

4 MBBS, MD, Professor and Head of Anatomy, Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore,  Karnataka, India.

Address for Correspondence: Dr. Veena Vidya Shankar, Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy, Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore – 560054, Karnataka, India. Contact No.: Mobile – 9980308735 E-Mail: veena24shankar@gmail.com


Introduction: The estimation of sex and stature is crucial in identifying the individual  especially when the body has been destroyed, decomposed or certain parts of unknown victim remains either in mass disasters like plane crash, mass suicide, homicides, train and road accidents, tsunamis, forest fires, earth quakes or from those disposed off in gutters or waste dumps. The estimation of height is a very important parameter in anthropometric measurements, in identification in medico-legal cases and in establishment of racial differences. The hand length varies in different races and ethnic groups and is used to determine sex, stature and nutritional status of an individual.

Aims: To study the relationship of human height with hand length and to derive a mathematical module to predict the height from hand length.

Materials and Methods: The This study has been done in Ramaiah Medical College in the year 2016 where hand length and height of 220 individuals aged between 18 and 25 years of age in and around Bangalore has been measured in centimeters. Descriptive statistics, Pearson’s correlation coefficient and Linear regression were employed for the Statistical analysis of the data.

Results: There was a weak positive correlation between height and hand length of both sides (r= 0.25, 0.26; p<0.001) which was statistically significant.

KEYWORDS: Hand Length, Stature, Correlation, Height, Anthropometry, Regression Equation.


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Cite this article: Girish Shiv Shankar, Veena Vidya Shankar, Radhika K, Shailaja Shetty. CORRELATION OF HUMAN HEIGHT WITH HAND LENGTH IN INDIAN INDIVIDUALS. Int J Anat Res 2017;5(4.1):4478-4481. DOI: 10.16965/ijar.2017.378