Type of Article:  Original Research

Volume 5; Issue 2.1 (April 2017)

Page No.: 3693-3697

DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.16965/ijar.2017.143


Ganesh Trimbak Waghmode 1, Satishkumar Sukhanand Porwal 2, Pavankumar  Bharat  Shinde 3, Uma Trimbak Waghmode 4.

*1 Department of Anatomy, Navodaya Medical College,  Raichur, Karnatka, India.

2 S.R.T.R. Govt. Medical  College, Ambajogai, Maharashtra, India.

3 Primary health centre Sangeli, Tal Sawantwadi  Dist  Sindhudurg, Maharashtra, India.

4 Rural hospital Mohol, Solapur Dist., Maharashtra, India.

Address for Correspondence: Dr. Ganesh Trimbak Waghmode, Navodaya Medical College, Raichur, Karnatka, India. Pin 584101 E-Mail: gw1726@gmail.com


Background: Spleen is encapsulated vascular and lymphoid organ. Clinically study of spleen is significant in immunological and haematological disorders. Context  and  purpose  of  the  study  is  to  study  morphological variations  of  spleen  and  to  compare  them  with  previous  studies.

Materials and Methods: Present study carried out with 74 spleens at the Department of Anatomy, Navodaya Medical College,  Raichur, Karnatka, India, furthermore we observed for various morphological features.

Results:   Out  of  74  spleens  11  spleens  were  triangular,  41  spleens  were  tetrahedral  and  22  spleens  were  wedge  shaped.  The  mean  length  was  11cm,  the  mean  breadth  was  7.1cm,  the  mean  width  was  5.45cm,  the  mean  weight  was  141.77gms  and  the  mean  volume  was  140.45cm3.

Conclusion: 74  normal  spleens  were  studied  with  shapes,  lengths,  breadths,  widths,  weights  and  volumes  were  analysed.  Present  study  will  help radiologists  ,  physicians  and  surgeons  in  diagnosing  disorders  of  spleen

Key  words: Volume  of  spleen,  Shape  of  spleen, Disorders  of  spleen, Lymphoid organ.


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Cite this article: Ganesh Trimbak Waghmode, Satishkumar Sukhanand Porwal, Pavankumar Bharat Shinde, Uma Trimbak Waghmode. MORPHOLOGICAL ANALYSIS OF VARIATIONS OF SPLEEN. Int J Anat Res 2017;5(2.1):3693-3697. DOI: 10.16965/ijar.2017.143