Type of Article:  Original Research

Volume 7; Issue 3.1 (July 2019)

Page No.: 6712-6716

DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.16965/ijar.2019.203


Suraj Ethiraj 1, Jyothi K C *2, Shailaja Shetty 3.

1 Final year MBBS , M S Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, M S Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

3 Professor & HOD, Department of Anatomy, M S Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Corresponding author:  Dr. Jyothi K C,  Assistant professor, Department of Anatomy, M S Ramaiah Medical College, MSRIT Post, Bangalore, 560054, India. Phone: 9731346464 E-Mail: jyothimohankc@gmail.com


Background: Fracture of the radial head constitute 1/3rd of all the elbow fractures. It occurs as a result of a fall on an outstretched hand or a direct blow to the lateral aspect of elbow joint. This is now becoming more common due to pre existing co-morbidities like osteoporosis and chronic osteoarthritis. Surgical correction of the comminuted fractures of radial head involves reconstruction or replacement with artificial radial head prosthesis in cases where reconstruction is not possible.

Aims and Objectives: To analyze the morphometric details of proximal end of radius and to describe the morphological features of head and bicipital tuberosity of  the radius.

Materials & Methodology: Sixty dry human adult radius bones of unknown age and sex were assessed for morphometric and morphological characters. Vernier caliper was used to measure the various parameters on the proximal ends of radius bones. The data was tabulated and analyzed using SPSS software.

Results: The mean length of radius was found to be 23.98 cm. Antero-posterior diameter and  transverse diameter of head was 2.01 cm  and 1.98 cm respectively. The height of radial head at medial end, height of radial head at lateral end, depth of articular facet and radial head circumference were 0.91 cm, 0.73 cm, 2.91 cm, 4.78 cm respectively. The length of neck of the radius, diameter of proximal end of neck of radius, diameter of distal end of neck of radius was 1.28 cm , 1.37 cm , 1.32 cm respectively. The width of bicipital tuberocity, length of bicipital tuberocity were 1.21 cm, 2.29  cm respectively.

Conclusions: Fractures of radial head and neck are more common. Surgical management of displaced and comminuted radial head fractures needs replacement with radial head prosthesis when reconstruction is not indicated. The results of our study are important in making anatomically and biomechanically suitable radial head prosthesis.

Key words: Fractures Of Radial Head, Bicipital Tuberosity, Head, Neck, Radius, Prosthesis.


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Cite this article: Suraj Ethiraj, Jyothi K C, Shailaja Shetty. A STUDY OF MORPHOLOGY AND MORPHOMETRY OF PROXIMAL END OF DRY RADIUS BONES WITH ITS CLINICAL IMPLICATIONS. Int J Anat Res 2019;7(3.1):6712-6716. DOI: 10.16965/ijar.2019.203