Type of Article:  Original

Volume 7; Issue 2.1 (April 2019)

Page No.: 6341-6344

DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.16965/ijar.2019.111


Sharada B Menasinkai 1, Vidya H K *2, M N Koti 3.

1 Professor and Hod, Department Of Anatomy, Aims BG Nagar, Bellur, Karnataka, India.

*2 Associate Professor, Department Of Anatomy, Shridevi Institution Of Medical Sciences And Research Hospital, Sira Road, Tumkur, Karnataka, India.

3 Professor & Hod, Department Of Anatomy Sims & Rh Tumkur, Karnataka, India.

Corresponding Author: Dr.Vidya H K, Associate Professor, Department Of Anatomy, Shridevi Institution Of Medical Sciences And Research Hospital, Sira Road, Tumkur-572106, Karnataka, India. Ph No.9611810464
E-Mail: vidyassmc@gmail.com


Background: Cranial sutures and their evolution is interesting in the field of cranial growing and shaping. It is a dentate suture extending from nasion to bregma. Metopic suture normally closes at 1 – 3 yrs, but is allowed up to 8 yrs. Incidence varies in different races from 1% – 12% .

Aim: The present study was done to know the incidence of Metopic suture in south Indian skulls.

Materials and Methods: 100 skulls from the Anatomy Dept museum at Shridevi Institute of Medical Sciences Tumkur were collected for the present study. The skulls with persistent metopic suture were thoroughly observed.

Results: Metopic suture was present in 38%. Complete suture was seen in 3% and incomplete in 35%.Among the 3 complete sutures one was linear and continue with sagittal suture measuring 12.3 cm and 2 were H shaped measuring 11.0 cm and 12.1 cm. Incomplete sutures were classified depending on the shape  U, V, Y and linear. Linear suture was seen in 26 skulls, U shape in 4 skulls, V shape 4 skulls, Y shape 1 skull.

Conclusion: The presence of metopic suture is important from a clinical point of view. It must be included in differential diagnosis of suspected skull fracture particularly frontal bone. It is not a pathological entity but most certainly should be noted as an incidental finding on an X ray. The suture is best identified in A -P view of skull.

KEY WORDS: Metopic Suture (M S), Frontal Bone, Ossification.


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