Type of Article:  Original Research

Volume 5; Issue 1 (March 2017)

Page No.: 3599-3606

DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.16965/ijar.2017.116


Chongtham Rajlakshmi *1, Thounaojam Oken 2, Lemtur Martula 3, Chongtham Shyamsunder 4.

* 1Associate Professor, Department Of Anatomy, Regional Institute of Medical Sciences  (RIMS), Imphal, India.

2, 3 Postgraduate Trainee, Department Of Anatomy, Regional Institute of Medical Sciences  (RIMS), Imphal, India.

4 Associate Professor & HOD, Department Of Pediatrics, Regional Institute of Medical Sciences  (RIMS), Imphal, India.

Corresponding Author Address: Dr. Chongtham Rajlakshmi MS (Anatomy), PhD(Anatomy), Associate Professor, Department Of Anatomy, Regional Institute of Medical Sciences  (RIMS), Imphal, India. E-Mail: chongthamrajlakshmi@yahoo.in


Introduction:  Umbilical artery catheterization (UAC) is a procedure for investigation and treatment purpose. The catheter negotiates the umbilical artery, internal iliac artery, common iliac artery to reach aorta of desired level.  Studies so far have not correlated the type of internal iliac artery associated with the complications encountered during or after the procedure.

Materials and Methods:  Forty four pelvic halves, from ten males and twelve female full term fetus of Manipuri population were used to determine the incidence of type of branching pattern of internal iliac artery. The length of the portion of the artery from the umbilical ring upto the bifurcation of aorta was measured.

Results: Only Type I-IV were observed. Type I was observed more in males (40.9%) and Type IV was more in females (36.4%). The total length of the artery from umbilical ring to aortic bifurcation was 7.3± 0.35 and 7.4± 0.29 on right and left side respectively. Discussion:  The study emphasise the importance of the ‘bend’, the branches issued from the bend present in the internal iliac artery from perspective of UAC.

Conclusion: The study presents a baseline data of length of the artery negotiated by the catheter. The study hypothesises the possible association of a type II & IV of internal iliac artery with complications associated with the UAC. Detail knowledge of anatomy of arteries traversed by the catheter would be of paramount significance for the clinicians, radiologists and academicians alike.

Key words: Umbilical artery, internal iliac artery, variation, umbilical artery catheterization.


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Cite this article: Chongtham Rajlakshmi, Thounaojam Oken, Lemtur Martula, Chongtham Shyamsunder. ANATOMICAL STUDY ON THE INTERNAL ILIAC ARTERY IN FETUS AND ITS IMPLICATIONS IN UMBILICAL ARTERY CATHETERIZATION. Int J Anat Res 2017;5(1):3599-3606. DOI: 10.16965/ijar.2017.116