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How    to    cite    this    Article:     Priyanka    Rana,    Shabnam    Joshi,    Monika    Bodwal.    QUANTITATIVE    GAIT    ANALYSIS    IN    PATIENTS    WITH    KNEE OSTEOARTHRITIS.  Int J Physiother Res 2016;4(5):1684-1688. DOI: 10.16965/ijpr.2016.164.
Type of Article: Original Research DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.16965/ijpr.2016.164 Page No.:  1684-1688
QUANTITATIVE GAIT ANALYSIS IN PATIENTS WITH KNEE OSTEOARTHRITIS Priyanka Rana * 1 , Shabnam Joshi 2 , Monika Bodwal 3 . *1  MPT (Musculoskeletal Disorders), Department of Physiotherapy,  Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology, Hisar, India. 2    Assistant   Professor ,    MPT   (Musculoskeletal) ,    Department   of   Physiotherapy,   Guru   Jambheshwar   University   of   Science   and   Technology, Hisar, India. 3  MPT (Musculoskeletal Disorders) ,  Department of Physiotherapy ,  Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology, Hisar, India. Corresponding   author   :      Dr.   Priyanka   Rana,      MPT   (Musculoskeletal   Disorders),   Guru   Jambheshwar   University   of   Science   and   Technology, Hisar, India. Mobile no.: +919811675834  E-Mail: priyankarana2535@yahoo.com ABSTRACT Background:   Knee   osteoarthritis   is   one   of   the   most   prevalent   conditions.   According   to   world   health   organization   the   knee   osteoarthritis   is the   fourth   most   important   cause   of   disability   in   women   and   eight   most   important   causes   in   men.   Various   methods   have   been   used   like high   speed   cinematography,   force   platform   etc   but   no   study   was   done   by   using   pen   marking   analysis   to   compare   the   gait   parameters   of osteoarthritis patients and healthy individuals. Purpose   of   study:    To   compare   gait   parameter   that   is   step   length,   step   width,   stride   length,   walking   velocity   and   cadence   of   osteoarthritis patients and healthy individuals. Method:   This   experimental   cross   sectional   study   conducted   at   Guru   Jambheshawar   University   of   Science   and   Technology,   Hisar.   30 subjects   were   taken   as   per   selection   criteria   which   included   both   male   and   female   between   the   ages   of   40   to   65   years.   They   were   divided into   two   groups   that   is   group   A   has   osteoarthritis   patients   (n   =   15)   and   group   B   has   normal   healthy   subjects   (n   =   15).   Step   length,   Step width, Stride length, Walking velocity and Cadence were taken as outcome measurement parameters. Results:   Comparison   was   made   between   the   gait   parameters   within   group   and   between   the   groups   by   using   t-   test   for   statistical   analysis. Result   shows   statistically   significant   difference   in   gait   parameters   between   the   patient   group   and   healthy   individuals.   Patient   group   have lower   step   length   (34%),   stride   length   (33%),   walking   velocity   (48%)   and   cadence   (31%)   and   greater   step   width   (44%)   then   the   control group.   Females   with   knee   osteoarthritis   have   lower   values   for   step   length,   stride   length,   walking   velocity   and   cadence   and   greater   step width   then   control   group   females.   Males   with   knee   osteoarthritis   have   lower   values   for   step   length,   walking   velocity   and   cadence   than   the control group males. Conclusion:   Knee   osteoarthritis   shows   significant   difference   in   the   gait   parameters   between   the   osteoarthritis   patients   and   healthy individuals and between the genders.   KEY WORDS: Gait analysis, Gait parameters, Knee osteoarthritis. References 1 . 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