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How   to   cite   this   Article:    Mallika   B,   Sharada   B.Menasinkai,   Brahmendra   M.    MORPHOMETRIC   STUDY   OF   LATERAL   VENTRICLES   OF   BRAIN BY COMPUTERISED TOMOGRAPHY.  Int J Anatomy Res 2016;4(4):3294-3297. DOI: 10.16965/ijar.2016.465.
Type of Article: Original Research DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.16965/ijar.2016.465 Page No.:  3294-3297
MORPHOMETRIC STUDY OF LATERAL VENTRICLES OF BRAIN BY COMPUTERISED TOMOGRAPHY Mallika B 1 , Sharada B.Menasinkai * 2 , Brahmendra M 3 . 1  Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, Mysore Medical College & Research Institute Mysore, Karnataka, India. *2  Associate. Prof. Dept of Anatomy, SIMSRH Tumkur, Karnataka, India. 3  Radiologist, Mysore Medical College & Research Institute Mysore, Karnataka, India. Address for Correspondence: Dr Sharada B.Menasinkai, Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy, SIMS RH, Tumkur, Karnataka, India. Mobile no: 9945614794 E-Mail: drsharadabm@gmail.com ABSTRACT Introduction:        Morphometric    study    of    lateral    ventricles    of    brain    is    important    for    evaluating    changes    due    to    growth,    ageing,    intrinsic    and    extrinsic pathologies.   The   aims   of   this   study   were   to   examine   the   range   in   size   of   normal   lateral   ventricles   of   brain,   and   to   compare   the   dimensions   of   with   reference to gender and side by CT Scans. Materials   and   Methods:   The   study   was   done   from   Feb   2009   to   July   2010.   Materials   for   the   study   were   collected   from   K.R.Hospital   attached   to   M.M.C   &   R.I. Mysore.    200    normal    CT    scans    of    patients    were    collected    (100    male    and    100    females).    Measurements    were    taken    as    follows,    1)    at    the    level    of interventricular   foramen   (IVF)   -   IVF   to   tip   of   frontal   horn,   2)   from      IVF   –   from   IVF   to   collateral   trigone   and   Posterior   horn   from   collateral   trigone   to   tip   of posterior   horn,3)      below   the   level   of   IVF   -   Transverse   diameter   and   Height   of   inferior   horn.   Results:   All   the   measurements   except   inferior   horn   were   more   in males   compared   to   females   and   more   on   left   side   than   right   side.   Measurements   of   inferior   horn   transverse   diameter   (TD)   the   right   side   were   slightly   (0.2 mm) more than left side in males and equal in females. Height (HT) of inferior horn was 0.3 mm more on right side in males and 0.1 mm in females. Conclusion:   The   study   shows   the   normal   range   of   measurements   of   different   parts   of   lateral   ventricles   in   male   and   female   patients.   Left   ventricles   are larger than right side in males compared to females. KEY WORDS: lateral ventricles, Computerised Tomography (CT), interventricular foramen (IVF). References 1 . Zauhair   A   Jaumah,   Fadhil   A.   AL-Kafhaji.   C.T.   Scan   Measurements   of   the   Lateral   and   Third   Ventricles   in   Apparently   Normal   Iraqi   Subjects.   J.   Fac.Med. Baghadad 2009; 51(3):320-322. 2 . D’Souza   e   Dias   Medora   C.   &   Natekar   Prashant   E.   Morphometric   Study   Of   The                  Ventricular   System   Of   Brain   By   Computerised   Tomography.   J   Anat. Soc. India 2007; 56(1): 19-24. 3 . Brij   Raj   Singh,Ujwal   Gajbe,   Amit   Agrawal,   Anilkumar   Reddy   Y,   Sunita   Bhartiya.   VENTRICLES   OF   BRAIN:   A   MORPHOMETRIC   STUDY   BY   COMPUTERIZED TOMOGRAPHY. Int J Med Res Health Sci 2014; 3(2): 381-387. 4 . Moawia   Gameraddin,   Abdulrahim   Alsayed,   Amir   Ali,   Mosleh   Al   Raddadi.   Morphometric   Analysis   of   the   Brain   Ventricles   in   Normal   Subjects   Using Computerised Tomography. Open Journal of Radiology 2015;5(1):1-7. 5 . Williams   PL,   Bannister   LH,   Berry   MM,   Collins   P,   Dyson   M,   Dussek   JE,   et   al.   Gray’s   Anatomy.   The   Anatomical   basis   of   Medicine   and   Surgery,   38 th    Ed. Edinburgh: Elsevier Churchill Livingstone; 1995. Page 1205 – 9. 6 . Gawler J, Bull JWD, Du Boulay GH, Marshal J. Computerised axial tomography: the normal EMI scan. J Neurol Neurosugery and Psy1975;38:935 -47. 7. Edogan AR, Dane S, Aydin MD, Ozdikia M, Diyarbarkirli S. Sex and handedness differences in size of lateral ventricles of normal subjects. J Neurosci 2004 Jan; 114(1):67-73.
Volume 4 |Issue 4.3 |  2016 Date of Publication:  31 December 2016