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How   to   cite   this   Article:    Prabahita   Baruah,   Pradipta   Ray   Choudhury.    ANOMALIES   OF   LIVER   MORPHOLOGY:   A   STUDY   ON   CADAVERIC LIVER.  Int J Anatomy Res 2016;4(4):3284-3288. DOI: 10.16965/ijar.2016.462.
Type of Article: Original Research DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.16965/ijar.2016.462 Page No.:  3284-3288
ANOMALIES OF LIVER MORPHOLOGY: A STUDY ON CADAVERIC LIVER Prabahita Baruah 1 , Pradipta Ray Choudhury * 2 . 1 Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, Silchar Medical College and Hospital, Silchar, Assam, India. *2 Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, Silchar Medical College and Hospital, Silchar, Assam, India. Corresponding   Author:   Dr.Pradipta   Ray   Choudhury,   C/O   Swapan   Roy,   House   no.63,   Lane   no.1,   1 st    link   Road,   Silchar-788006,   Cachar,   Assam,   India.   Mobile no.: +919401359249. E-Mail:   prcanatomist@gmail.com ABSTRACT Background:    liver   is   a   largest   gland   in   our   body   but   congenital   abnormalities   of   liver   are   rare.   Hepatic   anomalies   can   be   due   to   defective   development   or due to excessive development of the liver. Aims:  to study various anomalies of liver morphology collected from cadavers. Materials   and   methods:    A   total   of   30   formalin   fixed   cadaveric   livers   (n=30),   irrespective   of   the   sex,   were   taken   for   this   study   in   the   Department   of   Anatomy, Silchar   Medical   College,   Silchar   and   Gauhati   Medical   College,   Guwahati,   Assam.   Four   abnormal   livers   were   found.   These   livers   were   then   preserved   and studied under day light. Results:  four livers under study were examined and different types of morphological variations were observed among them. Conclusion : Anomalies in liver morphology are important for radiologist to prevent confusion during imaging and also help surgeons to plan surgeries. KEY WORDS: liver morphology, tongue like elongation, accessory fissures and lobes. References 1 . Wakefield   PA.   Congenital   malformation   of   the   liver   -   absence   of   the   lobus   spigelii,   rudimentary   quadrate   and   left   lobes,   with   enlargement   of   the   right lobe. 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Volume 4 |Issue 4.3 |  2016 Date of Publication:  31 December 2016