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How   to   cite   this   Article:    Usha   Rani   Vanagondi,   Subhadra   Devi   Velichety.    HISTOLOGICAL   OBSERVATIONS   IN   HUMAN   OVARIES   FROM EMBRYONIC TO MENOPAUSAL AGE.  Int J Anatomy Res 2016;4(4):3203-3208. DOI: 10.16965/ijar.2016.439.
Type of Article: Original Research DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.16965/ijar.2016.439 Page No.:  3203-3208
HISTOLOGICAL OBSERVATIONS IN HUMAN OVARIES FROM EMBRYONIC TO MENOPAUSAL AGE Usha Rani Vanagondi 1 , Subhadra Devi Velichety * 2 . 1  Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy, RIMS, Ongole, Andhra Pradesh, India. * 2  Professor of Anatomy, SVIMS – Sri Padmavathi Medical College for Women, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India. Address   for   Correspondence:      Prof.   Dr.   Subhadra   Devi   Velichety,   Professor   of   Anatomy,   SVIMS   –   Sri   Padmavathi   Medical   College   for   Women,   Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India. E-Mail:  sdvelichety@hotmail.com ABSTRACT: Introduction:   Age   related   changes   in   the   ovaries   such   as   formation,   differentiation   and   growth   of   follicles   and   stroma   are   indicators   of   reproductive competence. Age related changes in the histological structure of ovary from embryonic to menopausal age was not reported in the literature. Aim:    To   observe   the   age   related   changes   in   the   histological   structure   of      human   ovaries   in   local   population   from      prenatal   to   postmenopausal   age   in   the Andhra Pradesh region of india. Materials   and   Methods:    A   total   of   79   formaline   preserved   ovaries   collected   from   aborted   embryos,   dead   fetuses,   adult   cadavers   and   during   surgical oophorectomy   were   processed   for   routine   tissue   processing,   section   cutting   (5microns)      and   Haematoxylin   and   eosin   staining.   The   histological   sections   of ovaries   at   various   ages   were   observed   for   the   appearance   of   germinal   epithelium,   tunica   albuginea,   types   of   follicles   and   their   stage   of   development   / atresia in the cortex, appearance of medulla and cortico-medullary differentiation etc. Representative fields were photographed. Results:    4   weeks   delay   of   decline   in   the   number   of   oogonia,   12   weeks   delay   in   cortico-medullary   demarcation,   8   weeks   delay   in   the   initiation   of   follicular degeneration   were   observed.   Longer   delay   in   follicularization   ie.   formation   of   Graafian   follicle   at   5   yrs   and   flat   germinal   epithelium   and   whirling   pattern   at 40 years were observed.  Conclusion:    When   compared   to   literature   there   is   delay   in   the   formation,   maturation   and   degeneration   of   follicles   and   cortico-medullary   demarcation   in the   present   study.   This   study   forms   the   database   for   the   age   related   histological   appearance   of   human   ovaries   in   the   wide   age   range   of   embryonic   to menopausal age in the local population. KEY WORDS: Ovaries, Embryonic Stage, Menopausal Age, Follicles, Haematoxylin. References 1 . McGee EA, Hsueh AJ. 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Volume 4 |Issue 4.3 |  2016 Date of Publication:  31 December 2016