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How to cite this Article:   Banani Deka, Rubi Saikia.   A STUDY OF HUMAN CADAVERIC URETER BY SIMPLE DISSECTION METHOD . Int J Anatomy Res 2016;4(4):3005-3008. DOI: 10.16965/ijar.2016.393.
Type of Article: Original Research DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.16965/ijar.2016.393 Page No.:  3005-3008
A STUDY OF HUMAN CADAVERIC URETER BY SIMPLE DISSECTION METHOD Banani Deka * 1 , Rubi Saikia 2 . *1 Demonstrator, Department of Anatomy, Gauhati Medical College and Hospital, Guwahati, Assam, India. 2  Associate Professor ,  Department of Anatomy, Jorhat Medical College and Hospital, Jorhat, Assam, India. Correspondence   Address:    Dr.   Banani   Deka,   Demonstrator,   Department   of   Anatomy,   Gauhati   Medical   College   and   Hospital,   Guwahati,   Assam,   India.   E-Mail:   dekabanani12@gmail.com ABSTRACT Aim:       To   study   the   major   anatomical   variations   of   the   ureter   by   simple   dissection   method.   Materials   and   Methods:    Present   study   conducted   on   the   ureters collected   from   thirty   formalin   fixed   human   cadavers   by   simple   dissection   method.   The   ureters   were   followed   from   the   renal   pelvis   up   to   the   opening   into the urinary bladder. Some of the very important variations were observed during the study. Results:    Among   30   cadavers,   3(10%)   cadavers   presented   with   variations   of   the   renal   pelvis   and   ureter.3(5%)   nos.   of   specimens   showed   presence   of megaureter.1(1.67%)   specimen   presented   with   incomplete   duplication   of   ureter   (bifid   ureter)   at   renal   pelvis.   Of   these   2(3.3%)   specimens   were   unilateral and   2(3.3%)   specimens   were   observed   with   bilateral   variations   of   ureter.    Conclusion:    Knowledge   of   anatomical   variations   of   urinary   system   is   of   great importance as it can affect both the disease conditions as well as the interventional methods. KEY WORDS:  Ureter, Renal pelvis, Megaureter, Bifid Ureter, Incomplete and complete duplication of ureter, Duplex system, Unilateral, Bilateral. References 1 . Standring S. Gray’s Anatomy,40th Edn, Churchill Livingstone,Elsevier, 2012,1238-1243. 2 . 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Volume 4 |Issue 4.1 |  2016 Date of Publication:  31 October 2016