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How   to   cite   this   Article:    Singh   Vishram,   Kumar   Tarsem,   Singh   Arvind .   SEXUAL   DIMORPHISM   IN   NORTH   INDIAN   INDIVIDUALS   ACCORDING TO ALL HAND DIGIT LENGTH RATIOS . Int J Anatomy Res 2016;4(4):2927-2930. DOI: 10.16965/ijar.2016.374.
Type of Article: Original Research DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.16965/ijar.2016.374 Page No.:  2927-2930
SEXUAL DIMORPHISM IN NORTH INDIAN INDIVIDUALS ACCORDING TO ALL HAND DIGIT LENGTH RATIOS Singh Vishram 1 ,  Kumar Tarsem * 2 ,  Singh Arvind 3 .   1  HOD  Dept. of Anatomy, Santosh Medical University Ghaziabad, NCR–Delhi India. *2  PhD scholar, Santosh Medical University, Ghaziabad, NCR–Delhi India. 3 Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine, MRA Medical College, Ambedkar Nagar, India. Correspondence    Address:     Dr.     Tarsem    Kumar.    PhD    scholar    at    Santosh    medical    university    Ghaziabad.    NCR–Delhi    India.    Tel:    +91-7206501947.    E-Mail:   trsmkumar2@gmail.com ABSTRACT Aim :   To   compare   and   detect   possible   differences   between   the   digit   length   and   digit   length   ratios   in   left   -   and   right-   hands   of   female   and   male   individuals. One of the cerebral hemispheres is dominant over the other. Knowing a person’s dominant hemisphere can be a useful guide in some personal activities.  Materials   and   methods :   Digit   lengths   (D)   of   the   students   were   measured,   followed   by   calculating   the   ratio   of   each   digit   to   the   others   (1D:2D,   1D:3D,   1D:4D, 1D:5D, 2D:3D, 2D:4D, 2D:5D, 3D:4D, 3D:5D, and 4D:5D). after obtaing the X-ray of both the hands.  Results :      It   is   concluded   that   male   and   females   of   north   Indian   population   have   difference   digit   lengths   for   their   both   the   hands,   hence   dimorphism   is established. From   table   2   &   3.   All      the   digits   can   arranged   according   to   their   mean   digit   lengths   in   increasing   order   there   to   obtain   formulae   i.e   D1(50.03)   <   D5(65.83)   < D2(77.46)   <   D4(83.97)   <   D3(88.97)   &   D1(49.58)   <   D5(65.39)   <   D2(77.07)   <   D4(83.51)   <   D3(87.84)   for   right   and   left   hands   of   north   Indian   females respectively.   D1(55.64)   <   D5(72.54)   <   D2(84.34)   <   D4(91.72)   <   D3(96.01)   &   D1(55.07)   <   D5(72.81)   <   D2(84.21)   <   D4(92.10)   <   D3(95.86)   for   right   and   left hands of north Indian males respectively. Conclusion:   Digit   length   is   known   to   enhance   potential,   particularly   in   sporting   activities.   It   is   especially   necessary   to   measure   digit   length   of   the   hand   for practical   reasons.   In   handball   and   basketball,   the   longer   the   digit   length,   the   better   the   accuracy   of   the   shot   or   throw.   A   longer   fi   ft   h   digit   may   help   stabilize the second digit when throwing objects, and this would increase throwing accuracy. In turn, this would give more of an advantage in sporting activities. KEY WORDS: Hand, sex, left -handed, right-handed, digit length ratios. References 1 . Anthropometry. Internet Journal Of Forensic Science.2007;2(1):1-14. 2 . Krishan    K.    Determination    of    stature    from    foot    and    its    segments    in    north    Indian    population.    Am    J    Forensic    Med Patho.2008;29:297-303. 3 . Meno   C,   Saijoh   Y,   Fujii   H,   Ikeda   M,   Yokoyama   T,   Yokoyama   M   et   al.      Left-right   asymmetric   expression   of   the   TGF   beta   family   lefty in mouse embryos. Nature. May 1996;381(6578):151-5. 4 . Moore KL, Persaud TVN. The Developing Human: Clinically Oriented Embryology, Edition 6 th . Philadelphia.1998;420-3,430-7. 5 . Geshwind   DH   &   Miller   Bl.   Molecular   approach   to   cerebral   laterality:   Development   and   neurogeneration.   American   Journal   of Medical Genetics. 2001;101:370-81. 6 . Schell    LM,    Johnston    FE,    Smith    DR,    &    Paolone    AM.    Directional    asymmetry    of    body    dimensions    among    white    adolescents. American. J. Phys. Anthrop. 1985;67:317-22. 7 . Anthropometry,[Internet];available from:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthropometry. 8 . Hopkins   WD,   Wesley   MJ   &   Russel   JL.   Parenatal   and   Perinatal   factors   influencing   the   development   of   handedness   in   captive chimpanzees. Dev Psychobiol 2006;48(6):428-35. 9 . Mohammad   Y   AA.   Anthropometric   characteristics   of   the   hand   based   on   laterality   and   sex   among   Jordanian.   Int.   Journal   Of Industrial Ergonomics. August 2005;35(8):747-54. 1 0 . Visnapuu   M,   Jürimäe   T.   Handgrip   strength   and   hand   dimensions   in   young   handball   and   basketball   players.   J   Strength   Cond   Res 2007;21:923-29. 11. Manning JT. Digit ratio: a pointer to fertility, behavior and health. New Brunswick (NJ): Rutgers University Press; 2002.
Volume 4 |Issue 4.1 |  2016 Date of Publication:  31 October 2016