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Type of Article: Original Research

Year: 2016 | Volume 4 | Issue 1 | Page No. 2114-2118

Date of Publication: 31-03-2016



Anbumani T L *1, Deepthi Christus 2, Thamarai Selvi A 2, Anthony Ammal S 2.

*1 Professor, Department of Anatomy, Karpaga vinayaga institute of medical sciences, Maduranthagam, Tamil Nadu, India.
2 Post Graduate, Department of Anatomy, Karpaga vinayaga institute of medical sciences, Maduranthagam, Tamil Nadu, India.

Address: Prof. Dr. Anbumani T L, Professor, Department of Anatomy, Karpaga vinayaga institute of medical sciences, Maduranthagam, Tamil Nadu, India.


Background and Aims: The term “Coronary” is derived from the Latin word “Corona”, which means crown. The rise in the coronary heart disease in India has led to a rapid transition in health status.The present study is conducted to observe the origin, branching pattern and termination of the coronary arteries in human cadaveric hearts. Preponderance of right coronary dominance or left coronary dominance is also looked for in this study.
Materials and Methods: 50 human hearts were collected from the embalmed cadavers of both the sexes, from the department of Anatomy of our institution. They were preserved in 10% formalin.
Observation:        In the present study, right coronary dominance is observed in 84% and left coronary dominance is observed in 16% of specimens. In 2% of specimen, third coronary artery is observed. 4% of short trunk (< 5 mm) and 6% of long trunk (> 15 mm) of left main coronary artery is observed. The average length of left main coronary trunk is 9.34 mm. In 14% of specimens, myocardial bridges are observed.
Conclusion: Knowledge of normal anatomy of coronary arteries, its variations and anomalies related to coronary circulation is mandatory for good clinical outcome following therapeutic procedures, like angioplasty and coronary artery bypass grafting. Thus in the interest of this subject, this study is pursued.
Key words: Right Coronary Artery, Left Coronary Artery, Coronary Dominance, Circumflex Artery, Posterior Interventricular Artery.


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Anbumani T L, Deepthi Christus, Thamarai Selvi A, Anthony Ammal S. AN ANATOMICAL STUDY ON THE CORONARY ARTERIES AND THEIR VARIATIONS. Int J Anat Res 2016;4(1):2114-2118. DOI: 10.16965/ijar.2016.158




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