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Type of Article: Original Research

Year: 2016 | Volume 4 | Issue 1 | Page No. 2058-2061

Date of Publication: 31-03-2016



D. Sudhakar Babu *, M.Padmavathi, V.Sailaja.

Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

Address: Dr. D. Sudhakar Babu, MD (Anatomy), Department of Anatomy, Assistant Professor, Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.


Aims and Objectives: To study the histology of Thymus gland which is one of the primary lymphoid organs present in the upper mediastinum, beneath the sternum & to evaluate the immunodeficiency of an individual and autoimmune diseases like Myasthenia gravis, Lupus erythematosis, Rheumatoid arthritis, as these are more likely to lead to thymus cancer.
Materials and Methods:  The present study has been undertaken on thymus specimen of 100 fetuses of different age groups. The fetuses were obtained from the King George Hospital and Victoria Government hospital, Vishakapatnam.
Results: In the present study normal micro architecture of thymus has been studied at various fetal ages in chronological order.
Conclusion: Thymus is responsible for the provision of the T-lymphocytes to the whole body in newborns and children until puberty. For this reason it is important to know the histology of the gland at different ages.
Key words: Thymus, Histology, Lymphocytes.


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D. Sudhakar Babu, M.Padmavathi, V.Sailaja. A STUDY ON HISTOGENESIS OF THYMUS GLAND IN FETUSES. Int J Anat Res 2016;4(1):2058-2061. DOI: 10.16965/ijar.2016.137




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