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Type of Article: Original Research

Year: 2016 | Volume 4 | Issue 1 | Page No. 1837-1842

Date of Publication: 31-01-2016



Archana Srivastava 1, Jyoti Chopra * 1, Hiralal 2, Garima Sehgal 1, PK Sharma 1, AK Srivastava 1.

*1 Department of Anatomy, King George’s Medical University, Lucknow, U.P. India.
2 Department of Radio-diagnosis, Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences Lucknow, U.P. India.

Address: Dr. Jyoti Chopra MD, Professor, Department of Anatomy, King George’s Medical University, Lucknow 226003 Uttar Pradesh, India.


Introduction: Kidney size reflects the health of the kidney. It is affected in a variety of acute and chronic renal diseases. Renal length is used in daily clinical practice to estimate kidney size. It acts as a surrogate for renal size and correlates well with renal function. To recognise the anatomical deviations in renal length it is important to have standard normal values for comparison. Currently, the data used for comparison is based on studies conducted in western population and therefore it is an incorrect representation of adult Indian population. The aim of present study is to determine a normal range of values for renal length in North Indian adult population and its correlation with age, height and body weight.
Materials and Methods:  CT scan of 100 normal adult (16 males and 84 females; mean age of 43.5±10.42 years), who were voluntary prospective kidney donors, were analysed. The CT images were taken in axial, coronal and sagittal sections and renal length was measured and it was correlated with age, height and body weight.
Results: It was observed that the mean length of left kidney side was 99.2±9.71 mm and the right side was 95.3±8.47 mm. The left kidney significantly longer than the right kidney (p= 0.0028).  In males, the left kidney length was 103.5±7.09 mm and right kidney length was 98.9±7.09 mm (p=0.08). In females the left kidney length was 98.4±9.96 mm and right kidney length was 94.6±8.56 mm (p=0.009). Renal length showed a positive correlation with the height. No correlation was seen with age, body weight and BMI.
Conclusion: In present study it was observed that in North Indian population the renal length was smaller as compared to Western population and it had a positive correlation with only height.  This study makes an attempt to define the standard reference values for renal length in Indian population.
KEY WORDS: Renal length, Kidney Size, Chronic renal failure, CT scan.


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Archana Srivastava, Jyoti Chopra, Hiralal, Garima Sehgal, PK Sharma, AK Srivastava. ESTIMATION OF RENAL LENGTH IN ADULT NORTH INDIAN POPULATION: A CT STUDY. Int J Anat Res 2016;4(1):1837-1842. DOI: 10.16965/ijar.2015.347




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