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Type of Article : Case Study

Year: 2015 | Volume 3 | Issue 4 | Page No. 1476-1480

Date of Publication: 31-10-2015



Roopali D. Nikumbh *1, Dhiraj B. Nikumbh 2, Megha A. Doshi 3.

*1 Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, JMF's ACPM Medical college, Dhule, Maharashtra, India.
2 Associate Professor, Department of Pathology, JMF's ACPM Medical college, Dhule, Maharashtra, India.
3 Professor and Head, Department of Anatomy, KIMS University, Karad, Maharashtra, India.

Address: Dr. Roopali D. Nikumbh M.D., Assistant Professor, Department Of Anatomy, Jmf's Acpm Medical College, Dhule. Maharashtra, India.


The variety of multiple morphological variations in the thyroid gland is found as a result of disturbed organogenesis in humans as agenesis, hypoplasia, accessory, ectopy and hemiagenesis.
In the routine undergraduate dissection of the thyroid gland, multiple anomalies of the thyroid gland were encountered in 50 and 60 years old female and male cadaver respectively. These were in form of absent isthmus with accessory thyroid lobe in between two lateral lobes, pyramidal lobe arising from left lobe of thyroid with levator glandulae thyroidae in first case. Second case showed narrow isthmus related to first tracheal ring and levator glandulae thyroidae arising from left lobe.
In these case studies, we highlight various developmental anomalies of the thyroid gland as absent isthmus, pyramidal lobe and accessory lobe with levator glandulae thyroidae. Hence a thorough knowledge of such morphological variations of thyroid gland helps the surgeons in better planning of safe, effective and uncomplicated operative procedures in resection of thyroid and tracheotomy procedures.
KEY WORDS: Thyroid gland, Pyramidal lobe, Isthmus, Accessory thyroid lobe, Levator glandulae thyroidae, Variations.


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Roopali D. Nikumbh, Dhiraj B. Nikumbh, Megha A. Doshi. MULTIPLE MORPHOLOGICAL VARIATIONS IN THE THYROID GLAND: REPORT OF TWO CASES. Int J Anat Res 2015;3(4):1476-1480. DOI: 10.16965/ijar.2015.269




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