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Type of Article : Case Report

Year: 2015 | Volume 3 | Issue 1 | Page No. 906-909

Date of Publication: 31-03-2015



Banani Kundu *1, Abhijit Biswas 2, Phalguni Srimani 3, Alpana De 4.

*1 Assistant Professor of Anatomy, R G Kar Medical College, Kolkata, India.
2 Post Graduate Trainee of Anatomy, R G Kar Medical College, Kolkata, India.
3 Post Graduate Trainee of Anatomy, R G Kar Medical College, Kolkata, India.
4 Professor and Head of the Department of Anatomy, R G Kar Medical College, Kolkata, India.

Address: Dr Banani Kundu, R G Kar Medical College, 1, Khudiram Bose Sarani, Kolkata 700 004, India. Mobile: +91 9433366549


Background: The  Brachial  Artery ,usually  a  continuation  of  the  axillary  artery  begins  at  the  distal  border  of  teres  major  and  ends  about  a  centimetre  distal  to  the  elbow  joint  by  dividing  into  the  radial  and  ulnar artery.
Objectives: a. To  document  the  origin  of  anterior  interosseous  artery  from  brachial  artery. B. To  establish  embryological  and  clinico-anatomical  correlation  of  such  variations.
Methods: These  findings  were  observed  after  meticulous  dissection  of  the  upper  limbs  of  both  sides  of  a  43  year  old  adult  male  cadaver  in  the  department  of  anatomy ,R .G .Kar  Medical  College ,Kolkata.
Results: The  brachial  artery  present  in  the  right  limb  gave  a  branch  in  the  upper  1/3  of  the  arm  from  its  lateral  aspect. This  branch  of  brachial  artery  went  downwards  and  became  deep  to  pronator  teres  and  continued  as  the  anterior  interosseous  artery. The  brachial  artery  itself  descended  and  remained  superficial  to  pronator  teres. Just  below  the  elbow  joint  it  underwent  bifurcation  into  radial  and  ulnar  artery.The  subsequent  course  of  those  two  arteries  was  normal. And  there  was  absence  of  common  interosseous  artery. So  the  anterior  interosseous  artery  instead  of  arising  from  the  common  interosseous  artery  which  was  the  branch  of  the  ulnar  artery  took  origin  from  brachial  artery.
Conclusion: This  variation  was  explained  in  the  light  of  embryological  development  and  such  variations  were  useful  for  physicians, surgeons, nephrologists ,radiologists  and  interventionist  in  various  surgical  procedures  and  also  for  diagnostic  and  therapeutic  approaches.
KEY  WORDS: Brachial  artery, Radial  artery, Ulnar  artery, Anterior  Interosseous  artery.


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Banani Kundu, Abhijit Biswas, Phalguni Srimani, Alpana De. ANOMALOUS ORIGIN OF ANTERIOR INTEROSSEOUS ARTERY. Int J Anat Res 2015;3(1):906-909. DOI: 10.16965/ijar.2015.108




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